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Some key features

  • Attractive Mirror Finish Cabinet 
  • Dual Frost Protection  ensures your open when your competitors are frozen
  • Industrial Water Softener
  • Large LED countdown display
  • Electronic coin reader
  • Cash safe 


Washcraft Air Vend GR2000

(20 Aug 2013)

Never Pay for another expensive tyre gauge again

Important Info

(05 Feb 2013)

Legionaires disease caused by inhalation of legionella bacteria can be extremely nasty and in some cases fatal. If

Illegal Car Washing

Illegal Car Washing

(02 Jan 2013)

If anyone has a bucket and sponge you can set up where you want and I’m not talking about the guy in the traffic cleaning windscreens. Illegal car washes are draining revenue from legitimate retailers...

The Truth about car washing

The Truth about car washing

(14 Jul 2009)

Fifth Gear Present Best Car Washes to use

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