Rainbow Classic

Cleans from Vans to Double Deck Buses and Tractor Trailers.

  • Box Van Wash
  • Car Wash
  • Fleet Truck Wash
  • Transit Bus Wash

products rainbow classicSince its launch in 1968, the predecessor of the Rainbow machine washer, model 503A, rapidly achieved great success, especially in Great Britain and the USA. The success factors were washing efficiency and ability to wash differently shaped vehicles. Over the years, Rainbow's long life cycle, low operating costs and reliability led it to become the most appreciated trade mark in the business. To date, over 3000 Rainbow machines have been delivered to every continent to public transportation companies, freight carriers, dairies, post offices, food and beverage distributors, depots of military bases, auto manufacturers and other businesses where fleet wash services are needed. Modern Rainbow machines are a combination of proven and acknowledged construction and continuously improved, versatile function amd comprehensive optional equipment range.

Rainbow machines are suitable for all vehicles from passenger cars to double-decker buses. Rainbow Classic is the most used basic bus washer and box van washer model. Its diversified functions also permit washing tractors and trailers. The maximum wash height is 3400 to 4900 mm and the maximum width is 2850 mm.

In addition of the brushes the Rainbow Nova includes prewash equipment. They are comprised of prewash chemical and oscillating high pressure spray arches. When vehicles are heavily soiled and/or the presoaking of the dirt is required, use of Nova model should be concidered. For washing the fleets having large portion of vehicles with such shapes that use of the brushes is conciderably restricted, the Rainbow Nova model is proper equipment.

Highlights and Features

  • Hotdip galvanised steel frame with integral splash shields
  • Large / small vehicle selection
  • Queue wash for small vehicles
  • Chemical prewash and HP wash options
  • Two- and three brush washes and drivethru wash with side brushes
  • Bypass program for horizontally protruding obstacles (”back-off” system)
  • Override programs for long side view mirrors, wind-reflectors and vertical exhaust pipes etc.
  • Programs for overriding artic gaps*) and related cables and hoses.
  • Intensified rear wash feature (”back-on” system)

*) a gap between a cabin and a trailer and/or a gap between two trailers.

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